About Us:

SpringDrive can produce both 2D and 3D drawings.

SpringDrive provides a broad range of CAD drawing services with our 18 person team. We provide Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM), Graphic Design, Scanning, and Plotting services to both national and local clients. SpringDrive provides computer network documentation drawing services for a large Network Power firm located in St. Louis Missouri. We provide drawing services to their customers which are all Fortune 500 companies. The client list includes very large corporations such as Citigroup, AT&T, Pfizer, Reuters, Lehman Brothers, BCBS, HSBC and JP Morgan. CFS receives requests for drawing devices daily from such firms, and fills the orders. CFS excels as an outsourced drawing provider, and we service the nation and the world from our North Country office in tiny Depauville.

In addition to this large contract, we also have many local clients. We provide field measurement, CAD drawing services, scanning and copying, blueprint reproduction, AutoCAD training, and graphic design services to the local and regional markets. CFS provides AutoCAD training to Canadian customers, and many local clients such as New York Air Brake, SUNY Potsdam, Clarkson University, Bernier Carr, and Car Freshner. We provide CAFM services to Upstate Medical University, University of Connecticut, Bausch & Lomb, King & King Architects, and Samaritan Medical Center.

Full Service List:

  • AutoCAD Training
  • Revit Training
  • CAFM Drawing Implementation
  • Paper to CAD Conversion (Raster to Vector)
  • Import and Export Between CAD Programs
  • AutoCAD Consulting, Support and Troubleshooting
  • AutoCAD Customization
  • CAFM Polylining
  • Database Customization
  • Lots More! Ask!
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The Staff:

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“Best instructor I have had the pleasure of dealing with!”

Ronald Carver
Lab Supervisor Canada Department of National Defence

“Tom is an outstanding instructor and personable individual”

Daniel Debrie
Engineer Plans
Canadian Armed Forces

“We were very pleased with our trainer, Thomas Brennan.  He was very informative and helpful, bringing us up to date with the latest version of AutoCAD.  The 32-hour course was able to be done at our facility, which was an added bonus for us.  I feel the individuals that took the course, 6 in all, were adequately trained and immediately ready to begin using AutoCAD.”

Laura Miller
Chief Draftsman
Viking Cives, USA

“While here, Tom's work was exemplary.  In addition to Tom's technical capabilities, three things stand out regarding his character:  1)  honesty, 2)  conscientiousness, 3)  genuine concern for our needs.  It was evident Tom had our best interests at heart while working on our account.”

Dave Molchan
Facility Manager
Owens Corning World Headquarters

“Tom Brennan has been with us for about five weeks.  He has joined our group with a very professional and positive attitude.  He stepped in and worked with minimal supervision and produced an excellent product.  Additionally, he never hesitated to offer suggestions to our team members which effectively increased our productivity.”

Nick Oliverio
EDS/ Communication Engineering Services

“I can not say enough about the positive impact that Tom made in the lives of his students, the faculty and staff at the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center.  Tom is extremely sincere and credible in all he undertakes.  I would recommend Tom to anyone as a trainer, teacher or contract employee.”

Harold  Rought
Director of Occupational Education
Jefferson Lewis BOCES

“Tom Brennan is one of finest training and troubleshooting specialists out there.”

Derek Eade
Facilities CAD Specialist
Gentex Corporation

“In our specific areas of responsibility there are times when we must attend training that we are really not that excited about.  Many times the training has no discernible beginning or end, and is so fragmented as to be useless.  When I attend those training classes I tend to leave frustrated and discouraged. The recent three day AutoCAD class I attended was definitely not one of those.  The class was well organized and had an excellent instructor.  It is one of the few classes where I actually wanted to stay longer.   I must tell you I was very impressed with Tom's knowledge, attitude, and people skills.”

John Harper

“Thank you for the classes on AutoCAD.  These classes have really helped me speed up my work time in AutoCAD.  Before these classes, AutoCAD was really becoming boring and unfriendly for me to work in because I only knew the long and hard way to get a job done.  After the classes, however, I find AutoCAD a much more pleasant program to work in because of the different ways to draw and edit work.  I really appreciated the way you taught the classes.  The atmosphere was relaxed and the energy you pot into it really made the class seem more alive.”

John Zillinger

“Thank you for all your assistance concerning the upgrade of our Archibus software to the overlay with AutoCAD.  I appreciated your knowledge of the software, and your ability to explain the problems I was having.  I am happy to report that Archibus is working beautifully with AutoCAD.  My work is completed without delays and I am able to to so much more for my company.  You treated me as an important customer and never downsized my problems.”

Catherine Kristian
Comerica Inc.

“Thank you so much for your help with our last-minute changes to the parking maps.  The maps look great and will be valuable in communicating  these changes to our community.”

Krista Kittle
Director of Marketing
Samaritan Health Center
Watertown, NY